The topic of codex has been released. Topic:"Shopping app with atleast 10 products."
Submissions for all events will begin from the 21st of September,2018. All submissions already mailed to are valid.
The Topic for Journaltopia has been released. Topic:"The Era of Cyborgs:The future of technological intervention in human anatomy leading to formation of biologically mechanised hybrids."
Comfest App
The Official Android App for Comfest 18 is out and running.Go and Download it from the playstore.App Link-
Website by Vasu Agarwal
    Number of Participant(s) : 1

      • The participants are required to create an Android app on the given topic.
      • Any functionality that doesn't reside on the app itself won't be tested.
      • The app must have a page named "About" which contains the details of the partcipant (name and school name).
      • The participants are requested to make sure their apps work as required without internet connectivity on the testing devices as well.
      • The APK files have to be submitted through this page itself between 12:00 pm on September 15, 2018 and 11:59 pm on October 15, 2018.
      • Plagiarism will lead to outright disqualification.

      • Guidelines for the app:

      • Topic: "Shopping app with at least 10 products."

      • Mandatory features (failure in adding these feature shall result in negative marking)
      • At least four Activities including an 'About' Activity and a 'Categories' Activity.
      • Individual pages to display details of each product, including at least 3 images, a detailed description and price.
      • A 'Cart' functionality that lets people add and remove products from the cart.

      • Optional Features (implementation of these features can fetch bonus marks)
      • A 'Cart Checkout' functionality that lets the user enter the address and payment details to initiate delivery of their products.
      • 'Sort' feature (by name, price, newest in ascending or descending order) and a 'Filter' feature (to filter out products of a certain category or other criteria)
      • 'Search' feature to search for a product by name input by the user.
      • Any other feature or functionality that improves the overall user experience.

      • If some form of plagiarism is suspected in the app, the participants may be required to submit their Android Studio projects. Failure to submit it may lead to disqualification.
      • The app should run on the latest SDK Android Platform Tools.

      • The 'Submit' button on this page will be available from 21st September, 2018 if you want to submit your app before it, please mail the apk to with your details.