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Number of Participant(s): 2

Time Alloted: 4 Hours

General Rules:

  • The participants have to bring their own robot(s) to participate in the event.
  • The use of fire, chemicals, or any other harmful technique is strictly prohibited.
  • The robot can be either wired or wireless. If wired, the wire should always remain slack. If wireless, the participants should be able to change the frequency when required. 
  • Teams have to bring their own power supply. DC is recommended to the participants. AC power supply can be provided only on prior notice. 
  • Maximum dimensions of the vehicle must not exceed 40x40x40 (cm)
  • Maximum weight of the robot must not exceed 8kg. 
  • Decision of the coordinators would be final & binding. 
  • The bot should be ready before the event and no last call would be made to the participants. Latecomers will be disqualified.
  • The JCC will not be responsible for any damage to the bot during the event. The event will take place in two rounds.

First Round: Robot Race -

  • The racetrack will be full of obstacles such as stones, sand, elevation, etc. in order to stop the bot from completing this level.
  • The bot should be capable of crossing these obstacles in order to complete the Race Course.
  • Further rules would be revealed at the time of the event.
Second Round: Robots at War -

  • Qualifiers of the Robot Race proceed to Round 2. 
  • One substitution will be allowed in the course of two rounds. 
  • The objective of this level is to push the opposite robot out of the arena or completely disable it.
  • This level will proceed in rounds, which may or may not be knockout in nature.