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Participants will be allowed to use Python to code and will be provided with PyScripter IDE.
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Athletic Arithmetic


    Number of Participant(s): 1

    Time Allotted: 1 hour + 1 hour

  • The Event will take place in 2 rounds. 

  • First Round: This round will test the speed and accuracy of the participant in Mathematics.Each participant will get questions based on Arithmetic which may also include analytical problems and general terminology in Mathematics. 

  • Second Round: Twelve Qualifiers of the first round proceed to the second round.This round is further divided into sub-rounds.

  • The first round would comprise of certain direct arithmetic questions put up to all the participants.
  • Six participants from the first round proceed to the second round.The round will be played on the buzzer and will put your speed, accuracy and general awareness to a test.
  • The rules of the third and final round will be disclosed on the spot.
  • Questions will be related to simple Arithmetic and General Knowledge based on Mathematics. 
Event Moderators
Mehul Rastogi- +91
Yash Vardhan Gupta- +91
Ansh Lalchandani- +91