Capture The Moment


Number of Participant(s): 1

The rules and the process of conducting this event are subject to change and depend upon whether students would be virtually participating from their schools or homes. The schools will be updated about any developments, in this regard.

  • Each participant will shoot a documentary starting from the day when the theme was announced i.e 10th October.
  • All the participants are allowed to shoot their videos indoors as well as outdoors, depicting the theme in the most creative way.
  • The participants will have to submit their raw video clips at the end of each day to the event incharges via email.
  • The date of submission for the final video is 18th October i.e Day 3 Of Comfest before the closing ceremony.
  • JCC will not be responsible for any technical slags arising out of non-compatibility of the videos.
  • The duration of the documentary should be 3-5 minutes.
  • Usage of pictures/video clips of previous editions of Comfest will lead to severe penalisation of marks.
  • The participants should be equipped with their own required gadgets.
  • The final editing session of the documentary will be conducted over a zoom meeting with a timer countdown on the side screen.
  • Due to the prevailing conditions the participants are allowed to capture additional elements of nature but making sure it is totally compatible with the given theme.
  • The winning documentary will be played during the closing ceremony

Event Moderators
Divyam Bhartiya- +919307079335
Aditya Tandon- +919140987011