Submissions for all events will end at 12:00am, October 11th.
The topics for Journaltopia, Codex and Metier Projet have been released.
Wiz Pro
Participants will be allowed to use Python to code and will be provided with PyScripter IDE.
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    Event X

    Number of Participant(s): 2

    Time Alloted: 2 hours

  • This is a surprise event and what the event is about will be disclosed on the spot. 
  • All schools are requested to nominate two students as the participants.Schools are requested to send their best all-rounder for this event.
  • The event will take place in four rounds.
  • The judgement criteria and the variations in the event will be declared on the spot.
Event Moderators
Mehul Rastogi- +91
Rajveer Singh- +91
Samrath Bagga- +91