Submissions for all events will end at 12:00am, October 11th.
The topics for Journaltopia, Codex and Metier Projet have been released.
Wiz Pro
Participants will be allowed to use Python to code and will be provided with PyScripter IDE.
Website by Vasu Agarwal


    Number of Participant(s): 4 

    Time Allotted: 4 Hours

  • Participants will be provided with a surface measuring 10ft x 10ft.
  • Participants will have to bring their own spray paints,brushes, aprons etc. 
  • Spray paints are not available for sale in the school book shop.
  • The theme for Graffiti will be announced after the opening ceremony on Day 1 .
  • Use of stencils is not allowed.
  • Participants are not allowed to use Mobile phones during competition for any references.
  • No printed sheets will be allowed for reference or copying during the competition.

Event Moderators
Asna Rauf- +91