No of Participants: Min. 2 and Max. 5 
Time Allotted: 24 hours + 3 hours(Presentations)
Begin: 11:30 am ,4th September. 
End: 11:30 am, 5th September.
  • In the first thirty minutes of the hackathon teams will be briefed, through video conferencing. about the general topic around which their ideas have to be based.
  • The main agenda is to develop a workng project. It can be a website/web application, an Android/iOS application, or any other computer built structure that is presentable to the Jury. You are also expected to deliver the idea to the Jury and be prepared to answer any questions during the entire course of the event. 
  • Teams can use open-source libraries, frameworks, or open-source code in their projects, given that no licensing violations occur. Using these is allowed and teams will not be judged on that. If you choose to do this, the project should not completely be based on an existing idea or project; you are expected to modify a pre-exsting structure in a way which is logical and useful.
  • Evaluation criteria will include novelty, clarity, practicality of the idea and technical implementation. Rigorous questioning will put your knowledge to the test. Participants will get at least 10 minutes and at the most 20 minutes to present their ideas in front of the Jury. 
  • This year, HackCom shall be an open event for any team of school students to participate. However, external teams from schools that are not participating in Comfest will need to go through a screening and application process to be selected for the event. 
  • The organizers will regularly be releasing more information regarding the event and additional details through social media pages and website. 
  • All relevant information about the event (including FAQs and Registration details) and announcements will be accessible on the following website: hackcom.comfest.in  
  • Participating schools must register their teams by 1st September 2021. A separate rank list (excluding external teams) will be prepared for the teams from participating schools and points, used in calculating overall winning teams, will be awarded accordingly. 
Event Moderators
Aarush Roy- +919648505070