Submissions for all events will end at 12:00am, October 11th.
The topics for Journaltopia, Codex and Metier Projet have been released.
Wiz Pro
Participants will be allowed to use Python to code and will be provided with PyScripter IDE.
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Invert Oxford


Number of Participant(s): 1

Time Allotted: 1 Hour + 1 Hour

The topic will be announced one hour prior to the event.

The participant will get a total speaking time of 3 minutes. For the first 90 seconds, the participant will speak for the motion while in the remaining time he has to turn his coat against the motion.

The first bell will ring after the end of 90 seconds, while the final one, at the end of 3 minutes. Reading from the paper is not allowed and will lead to deduction of marks.

Eight participants will move to the Final Stage Round.

Rules for the Second Round remain the same.
We are strictly adhering to British English.

Event Moderators
Anushka Chib- +91
Akshita Gupta- +91