Lost In Rendition


Number of Participant(s): 2

Time Allotted: 1 hour

  • The event will be conducted in two rounds. 
  • For the First Round, the participants will be allotted a random original video (clipping of a movie or show with two people conversing) from an online directory of videos. 
  • The two participants must coordinate with each other to finalize their dialogues (should not be the same as the original video) according to the timing of the allotted video.
  • They must then record themselves, dubbing a muted version of the video and send it within a specified time limit after which the submissions will be closed.
  • English is the only language allowed. Reading or referring to a paper is not allowed. 
  • Eight teams will be selected for the final round. 
  • The final round will be conducted through live video conferencing.The rules of the final round will be similar to the first round. 
  • Additional details about the final round will be shared before the start of the event.
Event Moderators
Sanya Bhatia- +917080051906
Vikram Misra- +918081876028