Number of Participant(s): 1

    The rules and the process of conducting this event are subject to change and depend upon whether students would be virtually participating from their schools or homes. The schools will be updated about any developments, in this regard.
    The event will take place in 2 rounds.

    Round 1:

      The participants are required to submit 15 photos for round 1 via email, at an allotted time on day 2, to the event in-charges. 
    • Participants need to submit the photos sorted day-wise. 
    • JCC will not be held responsible for any technical inability. 
    • The photos would be submitted in JPEG/JPG format only. 
    • the photos should be without any kind of software added filters or editing, any kind of editing noticed will lead to immediate disqualification. 
    • Late submission of photos will not be accepted. 
    • The photos will be judged on the basis of various parameters which will be disclosed before the start of the event.

    Round 2:

    • The theme for this round will be announced on day 2.
    • For round 2, the qualified participants have to submit photos which should clearly portray the theme provided.
    • The participants have to submit the photos to the event in-charges via email by a specific deadline; the photos from round 2 should be categorized separately.
    • Any type of plagiarism will lead to direct disqualification.
    • The participants will be required to compile the photos into one single image for the final judgement, in the given time duration. The participants are required to share their screens during this process.

    Permitted Softwares for final compilation: 
    • Adobe Photoshop 
    • MS Paint 
    • Corel Draw
Event Moderators
Divyam Bhartiya- +919307079335
Aditya Tandon- +919140987011