MEGA EVENT: Robowars 
No of Participants: 2 + 1 
Time Allotted: 3 hours
  • The robot can be wired or wireless. If wires,the wire should always remain slack. The participants are responsible for the proper functioning of the robot.
  • Maximum dimensions of the robot-30cmx30cmx30cm. 
  • - It will be a live event. The teams will have to prepare the arena only after the announcement of the judges.
  • Maximum weight of the robot-12kg. 
  • The participants are required to make a compiled video showing different parameters to which the robot is designed. 
  • The length of the video should preferably be in the range of 5-7 minutes. 
  • The first minute of the video would be the general description and check of the weight and dimensions. 
  • The event will be performed live. 
  • The video submission deadline is 11:59 pm, 1st September 2021. 
  • Covering the majority of the parameters would be appreciated. 
  • Any additional feature covered would add points to the team. 
  • Parameters to be covered in the video-
    • Speed and durability on different terrains like tiled floor, concrete, garden area, muddy area.
    • Weapons and basic robot design.
    • Performance on inclined slope.
  • The decision of the coordinators would be final and binding.
Event Moderators
Yash Trivedi- +917706881081
Vikram Misra- +918081876028