Submissions for all events will end at 12:00am, October 11th.
The topics for Journaltopia, Codex and Metier Projet have been released.
Wiz Pro
Participants will be allowed to use Python to code and will be provided with PyScripter IDE.
Website by Vasu Agarwal


    No. of Participant(s): 1

    Time Allotted: 2 hours + 2 hours

  • Wiz-pro is divided into two rounds : First Round and Second Round. 
  • Each problem will have certain dynamic marks, and bonus marks will be rewarded for completing the program before time. The earlier the program is submitted, more will be the bonus score. 
  • The top eight teams from the first round will qualify for the finals. 
  • In case the boundary rankers have the same score, a tie breaker will be held. The rules for the tiebreaker will be announced on the spot. 

Languages Allowed: 
  •  Java (lDES Net beans and BIueJ 3.1.5 or above) 
  •  C++ (IDES Turbo C++, Dev C++ 5.8.3 or above)
Event Moderators
Vaibhav Agarwal- +91
Ansh Lalchandani- +91