No. of Participant(s): 1

    Time Allotted: 2 hours + 2 hours

  • Wiz-pro is divided into two rounds : First Round and Second Round. 
  • Each problem will have certain dynamic marks, and bonus marks will be rewarded for completing the program before time. The earlier the program is submitted, more will be the bonus score. 
  • The top eight participants from the first round will qualify for the finals. 
  • The participants will submit their code through an online platform disclosed before the event. 
  • The participants will be required to share their screens throughout the course of the event. They shall not be allowed to access any website for solutions. Plagiarizing solutions will lead to immediate disqualification. 

Languages Allowed: 
  •  Java (lDEs Net beans and BIueJ) 
  •  C++ (IDEs Dev C++)
Event Moderators
Aditya Tandon- +919140987011
Sania Siddiqui- +919454368468