CF Arena
No of Participants: Min. 3 and Max. 5 
Time Allotted: 4 hours
Begin: 12:30 pm, 2ndth October. 
End: 4:30 pm, 2ndth September.
  • The first half of the event would comprise a bidding war in which various video game characters in the form of cards would be auctioned off to the teams.
  • Only one participant from each team would be participating in the bidding war. 
  • Minimum number of rated cards to be purchased from the auction should be 6 for each team.
  • The video game characters would be divided into 3 categories namely Gold, Silver and Bronze rated cards, based on the eminence of the characters. (for example:- Iron Man from Marvel vs. Capcom(95), CJ from GTA Sanandreas(90), Goku from DBZ(98) etc. 
  • The teams will have to arrange an empty space of 8 by 8 feet to create an arena. 
  • All teams would be assigned a specific amount in the form of fictional currency for the purchase of the rated cards. 
  • The teams can swap their cards only in case of being unable to purchase the minimum number of cards valid for the auction. This would be done only under the supervision of the coordinator presiding over the meeting. 
  • The second part of the event will comprise various improv comedy/specific tasks which will have to be performed by all the participants of a team. 
  • The tasks/mimics should be related to or revolving around the characters selected by the teams during the bidding war. 
  • All the teams have to cover every category of the cards via performances. 
  • The criteria for judgement will be a compilation of the average rating of the cards and the performances. 
Event Moderators
Aarush Roy- +919648505070